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Welcome to the Centric Wealth Blog. We invite you to follow our blog, learn from our blog articles, view updates on our company and more.

Financial Cybercrime: Staying safe online 23 Jun 2017
Financial cybercrime has moved beyond bank accounts and credit cards to Australia’s superannuation sector. With increasingly sophisticated methods being used, there are a number of things you can do to be smarter and stay safe when online.
Kick start the new financial year with a budget health check 23 Jun 2017
It’s incredible to think that 2017 is halfway gone. Has there been enough time to ask how those New Year’s resolutions are looking? Have you had a chance to make some serious inroads and tick a few off the list?
Unravelling the property puzzle 10 May 2017
Budgets have always been a platform for governments to announce major policy shifts. However, in the modern day such shifts are typically responses to a rising wave of populism surrounding a particular topic rather than the execution of a longer term strategic plan. The 2017 Budget attempted to do both.
Federal Budget - SMEs 10 May 2017
Small and Medium Enterprises proved to benefit from the Budget, with the $20,000 instant asset write-off for small business extended for another year. How did the other measures stack up? We summarise below.
Federal Budget - Individuals 10 May 2017
With a significant focus on housing affordability, this year’s Budget proposed a number of measures directly relating to individuals. From the First Home Super Saver Scheme to the other end of the scale targeting elderly home owners and downsizing, we address the range of proposed changes that may impact you.
Federal Budget 2017-18 10 May 2017
In the lead up to the 2017 Federal Budget, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull described the impending delivery of the proposal for changes to the nation’s finances as being one “to realise their dreams”, with a focus on “fairness, opportunity and security” for all Australians.