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What does a typical Centric Wealth client look like?

Whilst there is no “typical” Centric Wealth client, many are successful professional and business people, both current and retired.  We work with individuals and familiessmall to medium businesses and corporate and organisations. Clients include pharmacists, medical practitioners, lawyers, accountants, widows, sportspeople, farmers, graziers and many more.  Centric Wealth advises a large number of super funds. Very few Centric Wealth clients would consider themselves investment experts and their preferred level of involvement in management of their portfolios varies widely.  The complexity of client affairs and their investment preferences is also diverse.  Centric Wealth prides itself on being able to tailor its services to suit this wide array of client needs.  This flexibility is built into Centric Wealth's advice and portfolio construction processes.  As would be expected, Centric Wealth's pricing approach is that fees adjust to reflect the work and cost involved in tailoring service delivery.

Experience being a Centric Wealth client

Should you wish to find out more about being a Centric client, please contact your nearest Centric Wealth office.   A Centric Wealth representative will be happy to provide greater detail on the our services and likely costs.  They can also arrange a no obligation meeting with a Centric Wealth adviser should you wish to do so.