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The Rewards of Being a Centric Wealth Client

Our clients have come to us to get results and to achieve financial goals.  This is of primary importance and forms the basis of Centric’s accountability to each client. 

In addition, a relationship with Centric should be rewarding for clients beyond financial outcomes.  Centric’s objective is that clients will, over time, feel they are better investors with a clearer understanding of what generates investment success.    
Importantly, this should include a deeper appreciation of risk and how it is best managed to both manage downside and optimise upside performance - as well as new perspectives on responding to market volatility and events. 
Clients should have a deep sense that their voice is heard at Centric, individually and collectively.  This manifests itself in having a clear understanding of how the strategies recommended are linked to achievement of your personal goals, being comfortable with the level of risk in the portfolio and having questions and requests dealt with promptly and comprehensively.
We also have a strong desire that there is a clear understanding with each client as to how involved they wish to be with their portfolio and that the relationship is managed to meet that preference.
Finally every client should feel their adviser is a trusted ally and sounding board and that Centric Wealth is a powerful advocate with the resources, relationships and skills to protect and extend their interests.  
The ultimate reward is feeling confident and secure that your financial life is in order and that you have the right professional services firm as your partner.