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Blog Archive for April 2015

Living within your means as a high earner 28 Apr 2015
Living pay cheque to pay cheque is not only something lower-to-middle income earners have to worry about. It can happen to high earners too.
A few things to think about if you have a high super balance 21 Apr 2015
A high super balance also means paying a larger sum in terms of fees and, potentially, tax. How can you minimise the impact of these factors?
Factoring the cash rate into your financial strategy 14 Apr 2015
Every month, the cash rate is decided, and for a long time now that's meant record low interest rates. Here's what that means for your wealth creation.
3 asset protection myths it's time to put to pasture 7 Apr 2015
You might be surprised to learn that it's not just the ultra rich who engage in asset protection, nor that it's somehow shady. Those are just popular myths.
Corporate funds: What are they and who can help?  31 Mar 2015
Corporate funds are exclusive superannuation funds offered by employers to their employees. They're not easy to run, so it's worth having a helping hand.