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Estate Planning and Generational Change

A good estate plan should not just make your financial goals clear but also your personal wishes. After all, once you're gone you can't make corrections or clarify.

An effective estate plan helps make your death easier on those you love by leaving no room for confusion or conflict.

What you need to think about:

  • Is my Will up to date?
  • Are there things I can do now to avoid conflict when I'm gone?
  • What would happen if I fall ill before I pass away? Who would manage my financial affairs?
  • Do my family know how to manage the money and assets that I will pass onto them?
  • Is a Power of Attorney required and if so who should be appointed to that role?
  • How do I establish a discretionary trust and protect my assets

Finding the right Solution

At Centric Wealth we understand that estate planning is fundamental to looking after your family. We also know that it can be a difficult and emotional process.

How can we help?

Getting organised - consolidating investments onto one platform

Structuring toward individual needs - Creating more complex trusts within your will to identify the personal circumstances of your beneficiaries including beneficiaries with special needs

Tax minimisation - through superannuation or testamentary trusts

Peace of mind - Arrange the drafting of an Enduring Power of Attorney (PoA)

Complex investments and business structures - including a family discretionary trust, a private company or a self managed superannuation fund

If you would like to discuss or find out more about Centric Wealth's Estate Planning Solutions please contact one of our Advisers or email info@centricwealth.com.au

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