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Welcome to the Centric Wealth Blog. We invite you to follow our blog, learn from our blog articles, view updates on our company and more.

Battlefield to Boardroom 28 May 2018
How lessons from the frontline can be applied to everyday business leadership What makes for an effective leader? This is a question that is asked again and again, across the spectrum of society and business. Every day we see cases where leadership is being negatively questioned (think Cricket Australia, Federal LNP deputies and the NRL domestic violence cases) yet at a time when it is becoming more important than ever as businesses strive to recruit the best in an era of rapid industrial advancements. Industry reports continually paint a grim picture of leadership in business, and as trusted client advisers it is something we should not be afraid to question when we engage with our clients.
Australian Trusted Trader: a necessity for supply chain optimisation and quality assurance 28 May 2018
Since its launch date, the Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) program has been building momentum, attracting strong interest from a variety of businesses ranging from small-medium enterprises (SMEs) to multinational corporations (MNCs), with service providers also expressing interest in applying for accreditation.
Federal Budget 2018: A considered view for agribusinesses 28 May 2018
The recent federal budget once again highlighted the fundamental importance of agriculture to the Australian economy, particularly during the current economic transition. For sectoral growth much beyond the rate of natural population, and assuming Australian’s don’t suddenly decide to massively increase their consumption, production increases will require new markets, lest the domestic market be swamped. Conveniently, the world’s greatest concentration of middle-class consumer population growth is centred on our ASEAN and north Asian neighbours, a single flight or comparatively brief container-ship journey away.
Budget 2018: The need for stability vs the lure of popularity 10 May 2018
The 2018 Federal Budget was always going to be a tale of temptation. For months, the government had been trailing in the polls but edging ever closer towards parity. With the Election window around a year away, the seductive powers of delivering an electorate sweetener that gently but immediately swayed the balance of perception in favour of the incumbent was going to be hard to resist.
Who is an employee and why does it matter? 23 Apr 2018
Contracting is becoming more popular as an alternative to the traditional employment relationship. As contracting and employee mobility become more popular, the difference between an employee and a contractor becomes less clear. However, there are dangers in engaging a worker as a “contractor” without having a proper understanding of the various employer obligations.
Your Guide to the end of the Financial Year 23 Apr 2018
With 30 June quickly approaching, now is a good time to assess your current position and ensure your year-end strategies are in place. These fact sheets highlight some of the key tax law changes that have taken effect thus far in the 2017/18 income year, and the changes that will shortly take effect which may impact on your personal or business year-end tax planning decisions.