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Welcome to the Centric Wealth Blog. We invite you to follow our blog, learn from our blog articles, view updates on our company and more.

Tax Incentives for Early Stage Investors in Innovation Companies 24 Jul 2018
The Government has introduced new tax incentives to boost investment in early stage innovation companies in Australia. In particular, these tax incentives are designed to encourage new investment in small Australian innovation companies, often referred to as ‘startups’, with high-growth potential. In our experience, the startup community are very interested in accessing the concession for their investors, however there have been difficulties with entities satisfying the relevant eligibility requirements.
Directors – What to look for before you sign financial statements! 24 Jul 2018
As 30 June has passed us by, we are now officially in reporting season. It’s time for directors of all entities to fulfil their reporting obligations and report the financial position and performance to ASIC, ACNC, shareholders and banks.
Franking Credits and SMSFs – the proposed position from both major political partie 29 Jun 2018
There has been a lot of media coverage recently in regards to how franking credits will be treated within SMSFs in the future given recent announcements from the Government (as part of last month’s Federal Budget) and the Opposition (their proposal was announced about a month beforehand).
Increasing complexity of investing in residential property for foreign buyers 29 Jun 2018
Until recently, foreign buyers, including expatriate Australian citizens, essentially had the same issues to deal with as Australian investors when it came to buying residential property. Following a number of recent changes, foreign buyers must carefully consider how best (and where) to buy property in order to minimise unexpected costs.
Highlights of CPTPP – Mining & Energy 29 Jun 2018
Continuing our series of articles on the recently signed TPP-11 free trade agreement (also known as the CPTPP), we now take a closer look at what it means for the mining and energy sector.
Battlefield to Boardroom 28 May 2018
How lessons from the frontline can be applied to everyday business leadership What makes for an effective leader? This is a question that is asked again and again, across the spectrum of society and business. Every day we see cases where leadership is being negatively questioned (think Cricket Australia, Federal LNP deputies and the NRL domestic violence cases) yet at a time when it is becoming more important than ever as businesses strive to recruit the best in an era of rapid industrial advancements. Industry reports continually paint a grim picture of leadership in business, and as trusted client advisers it is something we should not be afraid to question when we engage with our clients.