Centric is an investor directed portfolio service (IDPS). It’s a wealth management wrap platform which provides you and your adviser the ability to manage your investments.

Through Centric, your full wealth view is easily accessible online. Review your holdings, customise your dashboard and access tailored reporting in real time. You can also share secured access with select financial representatives and place orders through your adviser.

Individuals, partnerships, trusts, joint investors, companies and SMSFs are all able to invest through Centric.

  • Advised investors - speak to your financial adviser about how to open an account with Centric.
  • Direct investors - our self-directed client portal will be launched in the first half of 2020. If you’re interested in learning more and gaining early access, you can sign up to our waitlist.

  • When you use Centric, you can consolidate your wealth in one place and create a single wealth view. Onboard all your assets and liabilities, such as investments, real estate holdings and loans.
  • Your financial adviser can also use Centric to manage your investment holdings and view key portfolio metrics.
  • Through the platform, you can securely share read-only access with your accountant and other financial representatives for easy viewing of portfolio details such as reporting and tax information.

All you’ll pay for Centric is a flat monthly platform fee of $30.75.

Unlike other investment platforms that take a percentage of the value of your holdings, we maintain a simple flat-fee for your account regardless of its balance.

Please refer to our IDPS Guide for information on transaction fees applicable to trades placed on Centric.

If you’re an advised client, speak to your financial adviser about opening an account with Centric.

Other investors can sign up to our waitlist to receive updates on gaining access to the platform.

You can reach us through a number of ways:

  • Call us at our Australian based contact centre. We open from 8 am to 7 pm AEST, Monday through Friday, excluding national public holidays
  • Write to us at PO Box 446, Flinders Lane VIC 8009

A Centric accessible investment is a financial product, managed account or asset available for acquisition through Centric, and excludes Centric Cash and the paired CMA.

Centric Cash represents the cash in your portfolio. It is used to facilitate transactions performed through the Centric platform. LEARN MORE

The paired CMA is a cash management account issued by an Australian banking provider, which is opened through Centric and linked to your Centric Cash account.

This is your online document library containing your documents, along with your account and portfolio information. Easily view your document library when logged into the platform.

The general investment menu is part of the Centric investment menu. It lists accessible investments available for acquisition. This excludes investments listed on the sophisticated investor investment menu.

This menu is part of the Centric Investment Menu and is available to sophisticated investors. These are typically investors with a high net-worth and extensive experience in financial markets.

The IDPS Guide is the investor directed portfolio services guide. It is a summary of the significant information relating to the investment platform, and is designed to help you understand the Centric offering in more detail.