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Cash solutions

Cash solutions

Centric Cash is integral to your account and represents the cash in your portfolio, including any cash held in a managed account. As an investor, you would use it to facilitate transactions performed through the Centric platform, such as:

  • Buying and selling investments
  • Receiving contributions
  • Paying fees, charges and taxes
  • Receiving income from your investments
  • Transferring funds between your Centric Cash and paired CMA

Interest Rates

Cash Account

Self-directed Clients

Advised Clients

Centric Cash

Official cash rate + 0.15% p.a.

Official cash rate + 0.20% p.a.

Paired CMA - ANZ V2 PLUS

Official cash rate + 0.10% p.a.

Official cash rate + 0.10% p.a.

How Centric Cash Works

Centric features

Link multiple accounts

Your pooled platform cash account with the functionality of a CMA

Centric features

Security of a big four

Centric Cash is covered by the Government guarantee on deposits

Centric features

High cash interest margins

High margins on both your Centric Cash and paired CMA

Centric features

Flexible payment options

You can pay via direct debit, BPAY, cheque and EFT

Centric features

Add personal bank accounts

Convenient, easy payments into and out of Centric

Fee calculator

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